January 8, 2021

EU|BIC Training Tracks 2021

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Since many years, EBN in collaboration with the EU|BIC community teaches a series of training for business innovation leaders interested in strengthening their contribution to the development of their regional innovation ecosystems. The goal of these hands-on learning journeys is to provide a step-by-step overview of the tools, resources and best-practices boosting business continuity and the delivery of the highest-quality support services.

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Between 1 April – 9 April 2021 the “EU Project Essentials Track (Horizon Europe edition)” training will be organised online. In three modules the expert trainers leverage their extensive hands-on experience in project collaboration to provide participants with access to practical tools, pools of expert practitioners, connection to EU stakeholders, and valuable insights into the novel EU funding instrument Horizon Europe. Read more.

Intellexi is the Hungarian Partner of the EU|BIC Training Tracks organised by EBN in 2021.